We have achieved a crucial step of the project – we have successfully completed the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the stabilized platform. On the 27th of the October 2021, at the headquarters of STABLE AS, our partner from Norway, Krzysztof Gajko and Jacek Ksepko from 3 Bird in a friendly atmosphere, but professionally verified the device. Svend Heier and Rune M. Eriksen from STABLE AS successfully finalized the acceptance of the works. Control and acceptance tests confirmed that we have achieved the created parameters. Good quality of work is no surprise, because STABLE AS was founded in 2002 and has extensive experience in designing various kinds of stabilized platforms, from developing technologies to constructing and testing. We thank our partners from Norway for their productive cooperation.

Question: How does platform work? Vessel movements are estimated based on sensors, which allows the control system for automatic adjustment of platform by computer controlled electrical actuators. Roll, pitch and lateral forces are eliminated, as this will allow us to enhance the quality of our measurements. The platform is already in Poland, but this does not mean the end of the project, there is still a lot of work ahead of us.