The Company STABLE AS was established on April 10th 2002 and its operations are based on Stabilized Marine Platform technology, originally developed for use on cranes for the maritime industry. This technology enabled cranes to actively compensate for sea waves and was originally used to smoothly lower delicate equipment to the sea bed in harsh weather conditions. It has now been adapted and refined by STABLE AS to provide the maritime market with platforms ensuring stable horizontal positioning of equipment used by ships. These platforms eliminate the surges caused by a vessel’s longitudinal and lateral (and all other) movements. To achieve this, a ship’s movements are computed based on measurements from position sensors, and the platform is automatically adjusted by computer-controlled servomotors. Since it began operations, the STABLE Company has specialized in creating platforms stabilizing all kinds of equipment found in ships and yachts (bunks, billiard tables, restaurant tables, shelves, whole floor panels, bowling alleys, exercise tracks and desks) as well as on their external decks (drone landing pads and shipping containers).

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